Make Succar Ye Ken Whit This Is Aw Aboot!

Aww right big man (or wumin) How's it goan?
Walcome til the WurdPress upgrade guide!

We want tae mak siccar that as mony folk as can is able tae dae this upgrade. It's taen me bloody ages ti dae this but it's gonna make pooting that new WurdPress stuff on yer pc much easier! It works, aye, honest! Ye'd better dae exactly whit it says oan the guide, if ye dinnae, it'll no wurk!!


Dinnae skip ony o the bits or ye'll bugger it up, if you do muk aboot wi it, I winnae be there ti help ye!

Tools Fur The Joab

Ye'll need:

Watch Oot!


It's ye're blog. It's ye're data. Ye're loss if it aww goes wrang!. Dae a backup o the database AND a backup o all aw yer WurdPress stuff afore ye stairt tae dae onythin below.


It's no ma fault if ye bugger it aw up!!

  1. Mak a new folder caud "Full Backup" oan yer PC.
  2. Doonload all aw yer WurdPress stuff intae this folder.
  3. Backup yer database. Instructions tae dae this are here.

Prepare Yer Stuff


Oan yer desktop, mak a brand spankin new folder caud "WP files". Doonload aw eh yer stuff intae this, doonload aw eh the followin stuff intae it (Ah ken ye've din it already, dae whit yer tealt!!)

  1. index.php
  2. wp-comments.php
  3. wp-comments-popup.php
  4. wp-config.php
  5. wp-layout.css
  6. If ye yease that Kubrick stuff, coapy thoan kubrick-searchform.php

Mak sure ye also doonload ony o the files that ye might have chinged on yer ain, mibee vars.php if ye've chinged the wee happy faces?

It's ye're backup and it's jist that - ye're backup - aw o the files will be mucked aboot wi an that's why ye're daoin it this way!

Richt, we've goat tae doonload a few more things. Oan yer desktop, mak a new folder caud "My Plugs". Intae this, doonload aw eh yer plugins and aw the other folders and stuff that micht be in there.

Chingin Yer Files #1

The follaein chinges are importaint for ye so that yer current layoot stays the same! Dae all o this usin the stuff ye've doonloaded seperately:

  1. Open yer index.php in yer text editor.
    • Comment oot the wp-blog-header require line at the top o index.php. Dae this by putting // at the start o each line.
      //* Don't remove this line. */
    • Update that stylesheet import line in index.php. Replace this:
      @import url( <?php echo get_settings('siteurl'); ?>/wp-layout.css );
      wi this:
      @import url( <?php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); ?> );
    • IF ye use Kubrick, ye'll have a line like this:
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo get_settings('siteurl'); ?>/wp-layout.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />
      Ye've goat tae chinge it tae this (fur Kubrick layouts only remember):
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); ?>" type="text/css" media="screen" />
    • Update the wp-comments include line in index.php. Replace this:
      <?php include(ABSPATH . 'wp-comments.php'); ?>
      wi this:
      <?php comments_template(); ?>
    • Now save yer index.php
    • Rename wp-comments.php taecomments.php
    • Open wp-comments-popup.php. Find this line at the top : require ('wp-blog-header.php');
      Ye must comment oot that line:
      // require ('wp-blog-header.php');
      The top o yer wp-comments-popup.php must look like this:
      /* Don't remove these lines. */
      $blog = 1;
      //require ('wp-blog-header.php');
      add_filter('comment_text', 'popuplinks');
      Save the file.
    • Rename wp-comments-popup.php as comments-popup.php
    • Add a theme heeder tae wp-layout.css. Somethin like this (Ye can jist copy and paste this fur noo):
      Theme Name: Ma Original layout
      Theme URI:
      Description: Your theme
      Version: 1
      Author: Yersel
      Author URI:
    • Now rename wp-layout.css to style.css.
    • Ye should noo huv 5 files:
      1. index.php
      2. comments.php
      3. comments-popup.php
      4. style.css
      5. wp-config.php
      6. If ye use that Kubrick stuff, ye'll huv 6 files.
    • Now mak a folder caud "Carrots" an poot the furst 4 files intae that folder (and kubrick-searchform.php if ye use Kubrick).

WordPress 1.5

Ye've noo goat tae doonload WurdPress 1.5 fi
Unzip this oan tae yer PC.
It should unzip intae 4 folders an seeveral files.
If it awl unzips intae wan big folder foo o files, delete them an unzip the doonload again. Make sure ye use sommat like WinZip tae dae this.

Noo, ye've goat tae move the files ye've jist been editing intae this doonload

  1. Open the WurdPress doonload
  2. Open the folder caud"wp-content"
  3. See a folder caud "themes" ? Open it
  4. Ye've a folder caud "Carrots". Coapy that folder intae "themes". (Ye shood noo be seein 3 folders - Default, Classic and Carrots)
  5. Close themes, close wp-content. Ye should noo see the 4 folders (wp-content, wp-images, wp-admin, wp-includes) and a list o files. Copy yerwp-config.php intae here.

Yer 1.5 upload is jist aboot ready tae go

  1. Open the WurdPress doonload
  2. Open the folder caud "wp-content"
  3. See a folder caud "plugins" ? Open it an delete aw that's in it.
  4. You have a folder caud "My Plugs". Copy everything fi that folder intae the plugins folder.
  5. Close aw the folders.

The folder wp-images hisnae chinged since 1.2mingus. Ye dinnae hiv tae upload this if ye're upgrading, an can delete this folder fi the 1.5 doonload if ye want.

The Actual Upgrade #1

  1. Login tae yer admin panel and DEACTIVATE every plugin. (Dae it, or else!!!)
  2. Dinnae touch yer /wp-images directory.
  3. DELETE the /wp-admin directory.
  4. DELETE the /wp-includes directory.
  5. DELETE the /wp-content directory.

Now delete aw these WP files. All o them. If ye hiv 1.2, 1.2.1 or 1.2.2 then here's a list o whit needs deleting:

If ye jist overwrite aw the files, ye will get errors. Probably quite a lot o them. DELETE insteed

The Actual Upgrade #2

  1. Upload the /wp-admin directory.
  2. Upload the /wp-includes directory.
  3. Upload the /wp-content directory.
  4. Leave yer /wp-images directory alone.
  5. Upload all o the other files that came wi the 1.5 download

Check that none o the uploaded files hiv a size of 0 (zero). If they dae, re-upload that file.

Upgrade !

Using yer browser, visit the upgrade script that ye jist uploaded tae yer site. It'll usually be located somewhere like this:
or (where 'wurdpress' is the name o yer blog directory).

Ya Dancer!!! New Site !

Scroll doon fur a mini-FAQ

Ye'll need tae reactivate yer plugins

Yease yer ftp client tae CHMOD ony directories

Yease yer ftp client tae CHMOD yer .htaccess file tae 664 an regenerate yer rewrite rules by going tae Options > permalinks (Cheers ti ma good pal Au Yong)

Yer site will noo hiv switched tae the new default style.
Click oan the "Presentation" tab at the top o the screen.
Noo"Select" the theme caud My original layout
Hiv a look at yer new blog.

Notice onythin missing ? Images maybe ? Ye may hiv tae edit style.css tae git the image paths richt - ye cin dae this through the Theme editor (it's jist unner the main set o headings oan the same page as the Themes list).


Ye may hiv doonloaded other files that ye hiv chinged a loat. If ye just upload those an overwrite the new 1.5 code, ye'ill get errors. If ye want whatever chinges ye've made, ye'll hiv tae compare the new files and the old files an carefully mak yer chinges.


Specifically fur this guide, the following folk shuld be thankit:

Ryan Boren - He's writ loads o code in the first place, but he's made a scally guide fi which this guide has bin written.


Aw the folk here his helpit by geein up their free time (in response tae a post on ma blog) by testing oot this guide, pointing oot gaps, makkin suggestions an otherwise helping so that yer WurdPress upgrade is made as tickety-boo as possible. In alpha order, they're: |Memo|, AJ, Bryan, ch3wbacca, Charlie, Cyndy, Gary, Shadow, SLH, Terry

Mini FAQ

Show me the themes !

Mak shure ye read ony README with these if ther is wan.


Terms o use, an other themes may be fund oon the WurdPress Codex and in this Forum thread.



Lang may yer lum reek!


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