It's not going away so you need the tools to deal with it.

Here they are.

Here are 3 solutions for fighting spam:

Get the plugin and signup:

Get the plugin:
Does NOT work at godaddy as far as I know.

Spam Karma 2
Get the plugin:
Aksimet plugin for SK2:
Comment moderation plugin for SK2:

They are ALL good and yes, they can all be used together.

SK2 will run all existing comments through it's filters to catch spam already there.

CJD Spam Nuke from will also ID and let you remove spam with one click

Captcha (where you have to type words in to verify you are a human) are NOT that effective. You will still get spammed. So use one of the above.

You may also see little 'Donate' buttons on the above sites. As their work was given freely and saves you masses of time (do you want to delete spam by hand every morning?), saying Thanks by dropping a tip into their jar would be appreciated I'm sure.


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